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Since the beginning of my journey as a young adult cancer awareness advocate, I have travelled across Canada and throughout the world, encountering many young adult cancer patients, survivors and caregivers who are telling their own stories. Keeping up with all the new material is an exciting challenge! I offer here a selection of resources with which I am personally familiar and which I recommend.  All have one thing in common: the catalyst was/is a young adult voice.



ONLINE: Live Streaming Radio & TV, Resource Hubs & Networks

IN PERSON: Speakers, Support Groups & Retreat Experiences

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  1. May I share your link to these resources with others on our website?

    • pat

      I am pretty sure I replied to you elsewhere, but just wanted to say publically in case anyone else has the same question: yes, please feel free to link to this list wherever you think it might be of use!

  2. Hello! Thank you for introducing us to resources we had not known about, as well as giving us a look back to Mike Lang’s first documentary. We have placed these resources as well as the links to the new Valleys series on our site. Might we ask you to add The SAMFund for Young Adult Survivors of Cancer to your resource list for Support Groups, above. Thanks!

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