Pat blogs at The Huffington Post:

To Live, Die or Advocate: A Mother’s Choice
Reclaiming Christmas
Just Keep Breathing: Coping With the Loss of a Young Adult Child to Cancer
Obituaries & Valentines
Redefining Hope: The Love Story of Peter & Debs
When the Parent/Child Game Plan Changes: Learning How To Let Go
Looking Back on OMG 2014: Parent Caregivers Getting It Right or Wrong
October Harvest: Digging Up More Than Vegetables
Valentine’s Day Warrior
Change To Spare? Grief, Advocacy and the Loss of Compassion
Holidays, Happiness and Heartbreak
The Missing Leg
Moving On, Carrying On: Reframing Loss Without Erasing It
Small Steps, Shattered Hearts & Mountaintops

Pat is also currently a Section Editor at Cancer Knowledge Network. To date she has posted several pieces (including “Support for the Caregiver: Resources on Film“, “Helpful Hints for the First-Time Caregiver“, “A Caregiver’s Happy Place“, “The Caregiver’s Plea for Help”, “Just Keep Breathing”, an interview with Young Survivor Coalition CEO Jennifer Merschdorf, “Redefining Hope: The Love Story of Peter & Debs“, “An Interview with Dr. Scott Borinstein“) and facilitated many others.

Finally, Pat maintains a Chasing Rainbows blog here:

…where she posts semi-regular updates about her endeavours in a more informal, personal vein.

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